– Kettlebell Snatch


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a) Kettlebell Snatch (24/16)

b) Knee to Elbow 




Team CHallenge 2013

Wie bereits angekündigt findet am Samstag, 17.8.2013 der Team CHallenge 2013 statt. Wer mitmachen möchte kann sich ab Morgen in der Liste, welche in der Box aufliegt, eintragen.  Hier ein paar Infos dazu: 

• Teams are limited to 4 people

• Teams must have at least 1 male and 1 female

• Team members can be changed up to 24 hours prior to the competition

• No substitutions may be made beyond that time

• Absolutely no substitutions are to be made between or during the competition events

• Team members must be formed from current Affiliate members or trainers

• Each Affiliate can enter as many teams as they desire as long as the above are


• There should be no more than 1 male CrossFit Games Regional competitor and 1

female CrossFit Games Regional competitor per team

• There will be two levels of competition: „Fire Breathers“ and „Regulars“

Weitere Infos folgen zu gegebener Zeit. 

Ich freue mich auf den Event mit euch!