05.07.2019 - CrossFit TB


Workout Of The Day

10 Rounds for Time:
10 Toes-to-Bar
20 Wallballs (9/6kg)
5 Power Clean (70/47.5kg)

Advanced Training

A) Ring Muscle-Ups:
10×30% of Max Effort
rest as little as possible between sets but avoid failure. Every set has to be unbroken. If you don’t know your max effort Ring Muscle-Ups start with 1 Set Max Effort (not more than one set) and then take 5-10 Min rest before you start.
B) Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Jerk:
work up to a heavy complex in 7 sets
C) On the 0:30 x 15 Rounds:
Set 1-5: 75%/1 Power Clean + Push Jerk
Set 6-10: 80%/1 Power Clean + Push Jerk
Set 11-15: 85%/1Power Clean + Push Jerk
% of daily max of B)
E) 3 Rounds Not for Time:
12 Weighted Hip Thrusts
12/12 weighted Pistols
12 Seated Good Mornings
F) 5 Rounds:
12sec Max Effort Sprint on the Assault Bike
48sec Air Squats recovery pace
No Rest between Rounds
Workout Details: Every 12sec should be max effort. Go all out from the first round. The 48sec should be at recovery pace but make sure you keep moving. Just don’t stop!
Note Calories and numbers of Air Squats every round